Strip clubs are one of the primary sources of moderately adult entertainment, and any adult can visit there to relax and rejuvenate.

You might have heard a lot about female strip clubs, but are not much aware of the male strip clubs.

History of male strip clubs

The first male strip group was formed in 1979 and was known as Chippendales. It performed with a costume that showcased a bare body and a bow tie, shirt cuffs, and collar.

The troupe was so popular that a couple of movies were made based on it, like The Full Monty (1997), Just Can’t Get Enough (2001), and so on.

Chippendales later inspired many stripper groups to perform, like Thunder From Down Under – an Australia-based troupe, and Here Come the Boys- a UK-based troupe.

The troupes used to travel around, stripping off their clothes and attracting women. The charges for the show were higher for men to restrict their entry.

Gay strip clubs

By 1976, the gay strip clubs too started their business. They featured nude men on stage, and apart from the crowd, nothing was dissimilar.

Male strippers mentioned publicly

In 1979, the male strip clubs were mentioned in the NY Times, where a write-up discussed the popular television show- The Misadventures of Sheriff Lobo. The story revolved around a sheriff who had to protect a new male club. Later, movies like A Night in Heaven (1983) and For Ladies Only (1981) were released with storylines around male stripping.

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The sexuality of a male stripper was not explicitly explored until the 1970s. The main attraction till then was dancing.

In the latter half of the 19th century, a vaudeville artist named Eugen Sandow discovered that his popularity would increase if he showcases his bare body and wears a thin, seethrough costume.

The pageants too, showcased men as sex symbols and various bars encouraged male exotic dancers, but they were not precisely strippers.

The trend caught up slowly and eventually, and male strippers and male exotic dancers were recognized.

Strip clubs of today

The strip club culture has evolved a lot since its inception. Troupes no more visit various places, and the unique shows and stunts keep the audience hooked. The performances are based on exotic dancing and striptease, and the guests are mostly female.

Las Vegas is the mecca of strip clubs and adult entertainment. Every male strip club around the world presents well-choreographed shows and performances with costumes to woo the female crowd. The strip clubs provide beverages and food too.

Many ladies hire private male strippers and exotic dancers to keep themselves and their friends entertained. Several male clubs provide lap dances in private rooms if the guest is ready to shell out more bucks.

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